Infrastructure/Highway Construction – Level Crossing Removal

About this Touchplan Project

Client: Western Program Alliance

Type: Infrastructure Project


Project Summary

Victoria, Australia

Touchplan is being used by the Western Program Alliance and other entities to remove 11 level crossings in Victoria, Australia. The process involves removal of existing tracking the cross on the roadways and constructing new road or rail bridges, or in some cases lowering sections of rail line into a trench or lowering the road below the rail line.

“Occupations have to be planned to the “nth” degree, even before the project is awarded”, said Phil Hendy, Innovations and Continuous Improvement Manager for the Western Program Alliance. “We have thousands of people whose journeys are disrupted through road detours or needing to take replacement buses in-lieu of the train. Touchplan has allowed us to be better prepared, to allow our teams to have a clear understanding between them as to what’s going to happen, which consistently keeps disruptions and delays during the construction to a minimum.”

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