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Real-Time Planning for Data Center Construction

The surge in AI, cloud computing, remote work, and digital business transformation is driving unprecedented need for data center construction. Touchplan, used by some of the largest data center owners and contractors in the world, is the top choice for planning on-time and budget-compliant project delivery.

Touchplan aids in managing the intricacies of data center builds that require complex systems for power, cooling, and security. This digital solution enables seamless planning processes and eliminates reliance on spreadsheets with real-time updates from the field and the ability to adjust workflows promptly.

Given the financial impact of delays in data center construction, team member accountability is crucial. Touchplan’s variance reports identify issues and give trades ownership over their activities and the ability to adjust quickly. Crew planning is optimized through Touchplan’s visual planning space, enabling precise breakdowns of roles and locations.

Touchplan promotes collaboration between owners, contractors, and subcontractors, offering transparency and live insights into project impacts. It’s an easy-to-use platform, the culmination of a decade-long innovation process, and trusted by thousands globally for successful large-scale projects.

Overall, Touchplan stands as a battle-tested solution, ideal for data center construction and all complex projects. If you’re involved in data center projects or any large, complex build, we’re here to help.