A Little Tech Adds A Lot of Safety

As we celebrate Construction Safety Week 2023, let’s examine some ways that construction software is enhancing safety on jobsites.

Written by Dave Finnegan | May 1, 2023


The top priority for any construction company is to ensure the safety of all workers on the job site. While there have been significant improvements in safety standards and practices throughout the construction industry, there is always room for improvement. More recently, the implementation of construction planning software like Touchplan has shown great promise in reducing the number of safety incidents on jobsites by 3%.

Let’s look at some ways that construction software platforms can enhance safety on construction sites, along with some statistics to back it up.

Reducing Human Error

With the help of construction planning software, project managers and superintendents can better plan and organize, reducing the likelihood of errors and omissions that can lead to safety incidents. A construction software platform can help ensure that all necessary safety measures are in place, that equipment is properly maintained, and workers are trained and prepared for their tasks.

Improving Communication

Construction planning software streamlines communication on jobsites. Construction project teams can collaborate in real-time, share information and data, and identify and address potential safety concerns before they become significant issues. This can help prevent accidents and keep workers safe.

Real-time Monitoring

Monitoring construction sites in real-time allows PMs and Supers to track the movement of workers and equipment, identify potential hazards, and respond quickly to emergencies. This real-time monitoring can help prevent accidents and minimize the impact of any incidents that do occur.


There is strong evidence that construction planning software platforms have led to a reduction in injuries and other safety incidents on construction sites. A recent study by Hobson & Company found that companies that have implemented construction technology have experienced a 20% reduction in rework rates, a 50% reduction in planning-related project delays, and an 85% reduction in time spent aggregating, analyzing, and reporting on updated construction plans. These improvements are directly related to the use of technology, including construction planning software.

Another study by the Center for Construction Research and Training found that the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) software resulted in a 50% reduction in the number of accidents on construction sites. These models can be used to identify potential safety issues and to plan and coordinate construction activities.


Construction planning software can enhance safety on construction sites by reducing human error, improving communication, and enabling real-time monitoring. As more property owners, general contractors, and specialty trades adopt this technology, the number of safety incidents on jobsites should continue to decline.

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Dave Finnegan

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