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Touchplan Releases Key Project Profitability Enhancement

Construction Performance Platform Connects Master Schedule to Field Plan

Construction Performance Platform Connects Master Schedule to Field Plan

Boston, MA,  (May 3, 2021) — Award-winning construction technology platform Touchplan, a division of MOCA Systems, Inc., announces the release of a groundbreaking innovation that empowers construction teams to vastly improve project performance and profitability by easily aligning their external master schedule with their daily jobsite execution plan.

The enhancement is available for immediate use by the thousands of construction professionals and executives that collaborate on the Touchplan platform globally. It eliminates what has long been a tedious, manual process for field managers to connect what is happening on the jobsite with the project controls set in the master schedule. More importantly, this capability resolves the costly issue of mishandling of data and insights created from re-planning daily field plans and the expectations set in the external master schedule during pre-construction.

“Data-driven solutions that connect the external master schedule with the real-time changes in the daily plan is the next critical step in the evolution of construction project optimization,” said Michael Sullivan, general manager, Touchplan. “For the first time, contractors and owners have the ability to immediately correlate key profitability factors from the execution plan such as labor productivity, materials, quality, and safety requirements with the expectations set in pre-construction planning.”

“With Touchplan, we easily transition the CPM’s conceptual milestones from our scheduling software to set the goals for the daily planning effort,” said Nathan Thompson, scheduling manager for Lee Kennedy Company, a full-service construction firm. “As a project progresses, we back feed the progress gathered from our look-ahead plan into our scheduling software to gain insight into the overall health of the project. It is a real game-changer.”

This innovation enables project executives to quickly visualize and determine if their look-ahead schedule is aligned with the master schedule. Superintendents can focus more on managing jobsite performance more effectively. Scheduling managers now have easier access to the commitments made in the daily plan and can confidently understand how the overall schedule is trending.  Senior management can analyze data across single and multiple projects, making better and faster decisions that allow for more effective communication with a project’s owner or their representatives.

Mr. Sullivan added, “The primary operational benefits are clear. With critical real-time project updates now connected with the master schedule, everyone from the owner to the front line on the jobsite is able to understand where the project is in relation to the big picture. As a result, more jobs will be safer, higher quality, completed on budget, and ahead of schedule. That means happier owners, happier workers, and, most importantly, happier communities served by the finished projects.”


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Used by over 37,000 global construction professionals to optimize over $50 billion in project costs, Touchplan is the technology services group of MOCA Systems, Inc. It strives to deliver approachable, progressive data and analytics solutions that transform construction into a more collaborative, transparent, and adaptable process for everyone involved. Touchplan is committed to its belief that learning from data is the key to making a construction process more efficient and, in turn, will make people’s lives better.

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Since 1999, MOCA’s vision and commitment has been to deliver quality solutions to help clients transform the way their projects are planned, designed, built, and managed. By providing technology services and consulting services, its mission is to help clients save both time and money while not sacrificing quality on large, complex challenging projects.