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Do More with Your Data Inside and Outside of Touchplan

Written by :

Dave Finnegan


Learn how to unlock jobsite data with Touchplan's new product feature Application Programming Interface (API) from Product Manager Cory Brennan.

Touchplan is excited to announce that it is now offering select customers an Application Programming Interface (API). This feature allows customers to retrieve and manipulate the data of their construction projects from outside of Touchplan. We sat down with Touchplan Product Manager Cory Brennan to learn more about this new feature and its benefits to our customers.

Tell us what the Touchplan API is all about – what is the greater value being delivered to our customers?

The Touchplan API provides our customers with access to retrieve and manipulate the data of their projects from outside of Touchplan so that they may more easily create workflows unique to their company. These workflows, such as displaying the data being captured on-site from various tools on dashboards or managing access to Touchplan through internal processes, allow our customers more granular control of their data that the evolving construction landscape demands.

How do customers access the information from the Touchplan API?

The Touchplan API uses a common API standard known as REST. Customers will need to configure their systems to interact with the Touchplan API.

Who will benefit the most from utilizing the Touchplan API?

Customers who want to integrate Touchplan project data with data from other systems will find the Touchplan API valuable. It allows them to much more easily aggregate Touchplan data into their existing systems for custom workflows.

Why was this an essential feature for Touchplan to roll out?

The data that is available on a jobsite can provide an immense amount of value when utilized. As the construction industry evolves into more data-driven workflows, we believe that the Touchplan API will enable customers to take full advantage of the data their jobsite is generating and use it to its full effect.