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Every Interaction is an Opportunity: Maximizing Business Potential

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Dr. Anthony Kenneson-Adams dives into the advantages of embracing interactions and how its application can drive business success.

By Dr. Anthony Kenneson-Adams. DBA. MA. BSc(Hons.) FloL, Head of Learning & Knowledge Transfer, Project7 Consultancy


Over the course of my five-year doctoral research project to develop a leadership model for Operational Excellence, a pivotal insight emerged – ‘Every Interaction is an Opportunity.’ While the significance in the research of common leadership behaviors and traits such as communication, respect, humility, and authenticity were expected and well represented, exploiting ‘interaction as an opportunity’ was new. In this context, I delve into the advantages of embracing this opportunity and how its application has empowered me to drive business success.

Unlocking Business Potential through Interactions:

  1. Our People: Focused interactions with those on the shop floor or job site provide opportunities that reveal invaluable insights into our business that cannot be gained from the comfort of our office. Investing time in engaging with our workforce builds mutual understanding and fosters a cohesive work environment. Don’t rush across the shop floor or work site just to get to another meeting that will have little value.  Stop and talk to your people, get to know them, and understand their issues which are actually your issues as the leader.
  2. Our Customers: Taking a customer-centric approach, we understand that every interaction with customers is an opportunity to comprehend their needs, preferences, and pain points. Prioritizing genuine communication over rigid agendas establishes stronger relationships and fosters customer loyalty.

In my early career as a Quality Manager, my customer interaction was limited to reacting to formal complaints.  Once I understood the opportunity for proactive and informal interactions, I was able to work with them on issues before they became formal problems.  The opportunity for informal interaction gets ahead of formality. Using the opportunity for interaction builds positive relationships with customers and fosters loyalty, leading to repeat business and reduced customer churn. Loyal customers are more likely to recommend the business to others.

  1. Our End-Users: Acknowledge the impact of every interaction with end-users on our brand reputation.  We recognize that positive interactions create a favorable perception of our company, so find opportunities for those positive interactions: word-brand image.
  2. Our Colleagues and Partners: Cultivating fruitful collaborations and partnerships is pivotal to expanding our business’s reach and seizing new opportunities. Engaging with fellow professionals, stakeholders, and our partners ensures that we harness their insights to drive innovation and build enduring relationships.

Transformative Outcomes:

  • Proactivity with Customers: Move beyond mere complaint resolution. Taking the opportunity for proactive and informal interactions will empower you to address issues before they escalate into formal complaints. Capitalizing on this opportunity creates a foundation of trust and customer loyalty.
  • Building Business Loyalty: Utilizing every interaction to build positive relationships not only results in repeat business but also earns us customer advocacy as loyal patrons recommend our services to others.
  • High-Performance Teams: Interaction builds relationships and relationships are the heart of high-performance teams. Those relationships build trust, and that trust will bring honesty which is essential as the foundation of high-performance teams and business excellence.  It is always people plus process that equals performance.


Embracing the opportunities brought about by planned positive interactions is a transformative approach that influences every aspect of our business. From enriching employee morale and strengthening brand reputation to fostering loyalty and driving overall business growth, but it is a strategy that must be prioritized. By consciously allocating time for targeted interactions, we seize the opportunities these engagements bring, unlocking the full potential of our business.

Take the first step today and carve out the time in your calendar to plan opportunities for interactions that will maximize the potential for your business.