Expand Your Knowledge at Touchplan Academy

Learn about Touchplan Academy and the classes available to all Touchplan users.

Written by Dave Finnegan | May 17, 2022

Expand Your Knowledge at Touchplan Academy

Touchplan’s Customer Success Team is excited to introduce a new educational resource open to all Touchplan users. Touchplan Academy allows customers to take a variety of classes and also receive certifications that can be added to a LinkedIn profile. We sat down with Customer Success Associate Sarah Cusack to learn more about Touchplan Academy and what customers can expect from it.

Please give us an overview of Touchplan Academy and what was the motivation for adding it?

Touchplan Academy is a new educational resource available to all Touchplan users! With Touchplan Academy, users can take their knowledge of Touchplan to the next level and take a deep dive into different areas of the tool. Users can take any of the five short courses available and receive a certification for each course that they can add to their LinkedIn. Each course includes a quiz to review the course’s information and should take 10-20 minutes to complete. We wanted to provide users with educational content that allows teams to certify that they all have received the same training in many core planning concepts. In addition to allowing teams to become certified, Touchplan Academy gives users insights into different features and planning methods that can help them better optimize the tool.

How many total courses are offered through Touchplan Academy?

Currently, there are five courses offered in Touchplan Academy that cover a wide range of topics, from pull planning to continuous learning in the dashboard. Each of the five courses is focused on a different aspect of Touchplan and the planning process. Below is a list of all of our courses and brief course descriptions:

  1. Start Planning Course: Learn how to add members to a project and organize the planning environment to begin collaboratively planning with the project team.
  2. Weekly Meeting Course: Learn how to increase the predictability and certainty of a project by tracking weekly commitments and variances from the team.
  3. Run a Pull Plan Course: learn basic concepts of pull planning and how to convert a Pull Plan into a Look-Ahead plan.
  4. Continuous Learning Course: Gain a deeper insight into project planning efforts by using Touchplan project data to increase project predictability and certainty.
  5. Basic User Course: Learn the two primary responsibilities of Basic Users, adding and updating tickets.
  6. Daily Huddle Course: Learn more about how teams can effectively use Touchplan’s mobile interface to run their daily huddles. In this course, you will learn how to view and update tickets in Touchplan Mobile, allowing teams to continue collaborating daily and easily track their progress in the project.

What are some of the benefits to Touchplan customers?

Touchplan Academy allows users to bring their knowledge of Touchplan to the next level and to gain a deeper insight into the tool. Users who are looking to learn and get more out of the tool now have the opportunity to do so while also getting certified. In addition to allowing users to gain more insight into Touchplan, Touchplan Academy will enable users to learn independently at their own pace. Users can start their courses and come back to them at any point to complete their certification or to relearn any of the material. Touchplan Academy is a fantastic way for users who have a busy schedule to learn more about the tool without worrying about carving a significant amount of time out of their schedule.

Who should access Touchplan Academy?

Touchplan Academy is available to all Touchplan users looking to gain a deeper understanding of how to use Touchplan effectively. We offer four Admin User courses that cover how to run an effective pull plan, how to have a collaborative weekly meeting and more. For Basic Users, we offer a Basic User course that looks at the two primary responsibilities of Basic Users, creating and updating tickets.

How do customers access Touchplan Academy?

Customers can access Touchplan Academy by going to https://academy.touchplan.io/ or by going to Support-> Knowledge Base and selecting either the Admin or Basic User Resources sections.

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