Touchplan at GLCI Karlsruhe

Watch our presentation about Digital Solutions for the Building Site at the event.

Written by Katherine Van Adzin | October 9, 2019

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If you couldn’t make it to GLCI Karlsruhe’s recent conference, “IT Goes Gemba — Digital Solutions for the Building Site,” you can view our presentation below. Once again many thanks to the Karlsruhe Regional Practice Group and Ed. Züblin AG. We were very happy to have been there. The presentation features Katherine Van Adzin and Amanda McKernan of Touchplan, and Peter Adenäuer of Züblin AG. In German (0-0:45, 5:25-11:00) and English (0:45-3:45).

You can view more of our Karlsruhe experience here.

Unsere Präsentation bei “IT Goes Gemba — Digitale Lösungen zur Unterstützung der Baustelle.” Nochmals vielen Dank an die Regionale Praxisgruppe Karlsruhe und Ed. Züblin AG. Wir haben uns sehr gefreut, da zu sein. Mit Katherine Van Adzin, Amanda McKernan und Peter Adenäuer.
Auf Deutsch (0-0:45, 5:25-11:00) und Englisch (0:45-3:45).



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Katherine Van Adzin

Katherine Van Adzin Katherine is the content marketing manager as well as podcast host for Touchplan LIVE.