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Touchplan tops G2 relationship and momentum rankings as a construction project management leader

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In the Summer 2020 Relationship Index, Touchplan earned an overall score of 91% from one of the leading B2B peer-to-peer review sites. The industry average is 76%.

Touchplan – a web-based construction collaboration tool – has earned notable positions in G2’s Momentum Grid and Relationship Index for Construction Project Management Software, Summer 2020.

As one of the leading B2B peer-to-peer review sites, G2 represents the democratic voice of real users. The rankings and awards are typically representative of the actual prevailing trends in the market.

Touchplan Tops G2’s Relationship Index – Customer-Centric Services

G2’s Relationship Index is a benchmark for a company’s real-user satisfaction scores. It looks at the authentic reviews by G2 users to determine the level of buyer trust, the vendor’s ease of doing business, the quality of support for a product, and the likelihood for previous/current to recommend the product.

In the Summer 2020 Relationship Index, Touchplan earned an overall score of 91%—compared to the industry average of 76%. Users gave Touchplan a 92% for quality of support, 89% for ease of doing business, and 84% for likelihood to recommend.

Momentum Grid Report Winner – Touchplan on the Rise

The Momentum Grid Report looks at the aggregate growth of a product—including web, social, review, and employee growth. It acts as a benchmark for market trend analysis and product comparison. The idea is to help software buyers identify trending products and guide their buying decisions.

Touchplan led the Construction Project Management Software category with a Momentum Score of 76 and a Satisfaction score of 83. Combined, these scores accounted for an overall Momentum Grid Score of 79—6 points clear of the closest competitor.

According to one G2 user review,

The way you can control every activity (at each detailed level) is pretty good…Its functionality as a communication channel works pretty well…The user interface is great, and the touch functionality is so accurate for the daily work. It’s so practical and easy for the user to create and in general.”

This is a testament to the company’s commitment to exemplary services and seamless user experiences.

Future Outlook and Commitment

Touchplan is continually motivated to drive sustainable growth in the construction industry. Whether it’s encouraging a growth mindset through the recently launched TouchplanGO smartphone app, or offering welcomed solutions and strategies to help construction companies adapt to the COVID-19 crisis, Touchplan is a proud leader in the construction space.

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