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Read: Touchplan Celebrates Fifth Birthday


Boston, MA – Touchplan had a lot to celebrate on its fifth birthday this week: a milestone of 10,000 users! As of Friday, August 17, the tool has seen over 10,000 construction and design professionals sign up. While it has been five years since Touchplan was first created, the company has been out of beta…

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Listen: Ep. 95: Adopting Lean Construction Principles


Lean construction first began roughly 20 years ago; and it developed out of the need for principles and practices for design and management. Today, it can help workflows become more predictable. Michael Carr, president of MOCA’s software products division, Touchplan joins CONEXPO-CON/AGG Radio to discuss lean construction, last planner, and how to forecast the future…

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Read: Exclusive Features: Touchplan


The awareness of the benefits collaborative planning and incorporating technology can bring to the productivity of construction is on the rise. To change the trajectory of the productivity curve in the industry, which has been flat in construction since the ’40s, Michael Carr and his team developed Touchplan to improve overall efficiencies, communication and processes.…

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Read: The Changing Project Delivery Landscape


If you follow the construction industry, you’ll have noticed the current buzz around alternative project delivery. This term refers to integrated project delivery (IPD), design-build (DB) and construction-manager-at-risk (CMAR) approaches, which all differ from the traditional design-bid-build process. These three distinct approaches, which we’ll explore in more detail below, have arisen in response to project…

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Listen: Disrupting Ourselves in the Built Environment: Touchplan


Michael Carr, is the President of MOCA’s software products division, Touchplan and a co-founder of MOCA. He has 20 years of construction management experience with significant expertise in project controls. He currently leads the development of Touchplan. Prior to launching Touchplan, he served in multiple leadership and operational roles within MOCA providing construction management services to…

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Read: 2018 Forecast for Technology and Touchplan


Michael Carr, president at Touchplan, recently shared his forecast for the A/E/C industry and his company in 2018. Q&A submitted by Touchplan. What went well in 2017? MC:  Understanding that efficiencies need to improve and the recognition that there are valuable solutions to get there… Mobile applications, drones and BIM are just a few options. Leading companies…

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Read: An Interview with Michael Carr of Touchplan, Part 1 – Part 4


The following interview with Michael Carr, president at Touchplan (a division MOCA Systems), is being published in High-Profile Monthly in four installments. Below is the fourth and final installment. Part 1 – August 24, 2017 Part 2 – September 19, 2017  Part 3 – October 12, 2017 Part 4 – November 27, 2017

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Read: Construction Technology and Software Rundown


TOUCHPLAN REVOLUTIONIZES COMPLEX CONSTRUCTION WITH TOUCHPLAN+PROCORE Touchplan and Procore Technologies streamlined and digitized Lean with Touchplan+Procore. Teams can bounce to and from work sequencing and planning to add requests for information (RFI’s); centralize everything construction projects need; utilize industry re-defining tools; and use tech and coordination techniques for early completion and under budget performance. Auto-generated…

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Listen: The ConTechCrew episode 87 with special guest, Michael Carr, President of Touchplan


Last Friday, the The ConTechCrew aired episode 87 of the podcast with special guest, Michael Carr, President of and discussed construction scheduling apps. The top headlines included DeWALT’s Laser Distance Measurer, iOS 11 review, Stockpile Reports’ partnership with Apple’s ARKit, Autodesk’s new investment and much more! Listen to “The ConTechCrew 87: Scheduling Apps for…

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Read: Touchplan Revolutionizes Complex Construction with Touchplan & Procore Integration


Touchplan recently launched an integration with Procore Technologies Inc. that redefines the way Lean construction teams operate. Touchplan+Procore is the only solution that allows you and your team to become more Lean-oriented by both streamlining and digitizing the process. This adjustment helps promote setting and reaching goals and encourages everyone to more permanently stick with…

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Read: Touchplan and Procore Launch Software Integration


In terms of Lean or the spirit of being more efficient with our processes, construction software is broken down into two different categories: 1) solutions that allow the builder to become more efficient or Lean and 2) solutions that emulate an existing Lean process. Procore’s software encourages Lean-like process efficiencies. Through its short learning curve,…

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