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Creating Community Through Affordable Housing in San Diego

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Building is something Touchplan users excel at, and in providing them with technology that enables them to work more efficiently, our focus is usually on the the technical aspects of construction: how to identify constraints, meet deadlines, work safely and finish early. While this focus on efficiency and success is important, what’s really amazing is what our clients are building in addition to a structure of concrete, steel, wood or brick. What isn’t shown on a project plan is what is created when the trucks wheel away, the dust settles and the site fencing is replaced by landscaping—community.

We decided to focus this holiday season on the end result of one of our projects, rather than all of the steps that lead to it. We wanted to celebrate the impact our industry has on our communities by offering free use of Touchplan to a project whose benefits will be counted in new homes and changed lives.




New Homes, New Hope

That project is Stella and Bluewater in San Diego’s Mission Valley area. Stella and Bluewater is an affordable housing complex currently being built by Suffolk for Affirmed Housing.

Suffolk is one of the most innovative and successful privately-held building contractors in the country. The company is committed to transforming the construction experience with a unique “Build Smart” approach, using the latest tools and processes to enhance team-wide collaboration and increase efficiencies on every project.

The complex includes two buildings, one containing affordable housing units and the other intended as housing for homeless veterans. Totaling 160 units, the project was begun in February of 2018 and is expected to take eighteen months to complete. The development is part of HOUSING-FIRST San Diego, an initiative of the San Diego Housing Coalition’s Homelessness Action Plan, which aims to address homelessness through permanent housing integrated with supportive services to maximize tenant stability and success. Stella will feature a multipurpose community space, community kitchen and gathering areas.

Touchplan was introduced on the project through Suffolk’s Assistant Superintendent Emily Edelstone, who had used Touchplan previously on another project. According to Edelstone, the team has made progress with the tool, shortening their pull planning meetings from four hours down to one. Touchplan has also assisted the team in coordinating around site access challenges due to overhead power lines that run adjacent to the jobsite.

The exterior facade is currently in progress, as well as the interior build out. The project is adhering to schedule, and the 160 new homes should be completed by Summer 2019. Once they open, there’s no limit to the communities and futures that will be built within them.