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Project Production Management: Stop in the Name of Production Management

by George Hunt | September 17, 2021

George Hunt looks at how removing certain practices can in many cases add more value than adding a new one.

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Project Production Management: Transition from Responsibility to Accountability with Takt Planning (Part…

by George Hunt | September 10, 2021

George Hunt and Adam Hoots look at how to best take accountability for executing a Takt plan.

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How Operationalizing Your Schedule Can Radically Improve Margins – A Webinar Recap

by Touchplan | September 7, 2021

Get the key takeaways from our webinar on Project Production Management & Listen to the Whole Conversation.

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Project Production Management: Takt for Professional Services (Part 13)

by George Hunt | September 3, 2021

George Hunt & Terri Erickson discuss how Takt can also be advantageous for professional service firms as pacing the production of design can have similar benefits to those described for construction.

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Content Roundup

Touchplan’s August Content Roundup

by Touchplan | September 2, 2021

In this blog, we roundup our content highlights we released in August. Learn more about our podcasts, webinar, e-book, and more below.

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Project Production Management: Coupling Learning with Takt (Part 12)

by George Hunt | August 27, 2021

George Hunt talks about the value of coupling Takt with structured improvement cycles (deliberate experimentation) and how it can elevate our construction projects to the next level.

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Project Production Management: Turning Around a Project with Takt (Part 11)

by George Hunt | August 20, 2021

Despite the best intentions from the whole team, our project experiences delays and ends up way behind schedule. Learn how Takt can be used as a countermeasure to avoid project delays along with some additional…

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Project Production Management: Occupied Construction – Moving In With Takt (Part 10)

by Touchplan | August 13, 2021

George Hunt explains some of the additional challenges that need to be considered when using Takt in an occupied setting.

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Diversity, Inclusion, and their Role in Construction Health and Safety

by Touchplan | August 11, 2021

Our partners at Bridgit discuss the impact of diversity and inclusion, and the understanding that everyone's daily experiences on the jobsite are not the same.

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A Look Inside Touchplan’s Latest Feature: Image Attach

by Touchplan | August 9, 2021

Product Manager Cory Brennan provides his insight on our new product feature and how it will benefit clients.

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Project Production Management: Approaching Construction TAKTfully (Part 9)

by Touchplan | August 6, 2021

George Hunt looks at some of the nuances and unique scenarios that arise when Takt planning in construction.

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Structured Noise is Music. Without Structure, It’s Just Noise. Make Music, Not…

by Andrew Piland | August 6, 2021

Part two of Andrew Piland's perspective on why it's time to take down the stickies.

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