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Why It’s Time to Forget The Sticky Notes & Maximize Wall Space

by Andrew Piland | July 23, 2021

Former project superintendent Andrew Piland explains the value gained by taking the stickies off the wall and moving them to a digital space.

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Project Production Management: Use Non-Repetitive Work for Your First Takt Plan (Part 8)

by Hal Macomber | July 9, 2021

Hal Macomber & George Hunt show how to develop a Takt plan for non-repetitive work

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Project Production Management: Pace Construction to Bring Sanity to Your Construction Project (Part 7)

by Hal Macomber | July 2, 2021

Hal Macomber & George Hunt discuss “Takt” and the value it can deliver as part of the construction planning process

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Project Production Management: Flow When You Can — Pull When You Can’t — Stop Pushing (Part 6)

by Hal Macomber | June 18, 2021

Hal Macomber & Adam Hoots discuss the laws of production and the consequences that can happen when we ignore, do not understand, or are oblivious to them.

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Project Production Management: Bigger Batches Create Longer Projects (Part 5)

by Hal Macomber | June 11, 2021

Hal Macomber & Colin Milberg look at small batch production and its ability to significantly reduce the time to complete construction projects.

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Why Percent Promises Complete (PPC) is Critical To Construction Productivity

by Michael Sullivan | June 8, 2021

Data that is captured via the Percent Promises Complete (PPC) feature in Touchplan makes it apparent to all the members of a construction project team that various elements are being tracked allowing all to see any trends or issues and make changes to mitigate them.

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Project Production Management: Delay’s Increase Exponentially as Utilization Increases (Part 4)

by Hal Macomber | June 4, 2021

Hal Macomber & George Hunt take on how high utilization in the presence of high variation leads to project delays and the actions and countermeasures that can be taken.

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Memorial Day: A Time to Celebrate; A Time to Remember

by Andrew Piland | May 31, 2021

Read some thoughts on the importance of today from a Touchplanner.

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Project Production Management: Bottlenecks Rule — Make it the Policy (Part 3)

by Hal Macomber | May 28, 2021

Hal Macomber & Terri Erickson examine 5 types of bottlenecks that can be encountered on construction projects and how to best tame them.

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College Students Prepare For Their First Construction Job With Hands-On ConTech Training

by Dave Finnegan | May 27, 2021

Touchplan partners with colleges and universities to provide real-world construction technology in the classroom

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Project Production Management: Beware, Variation Compounds with Dependence! (Part 2)

by Hal Macomber | May 21, 2021

Learn more about variation on your projects and five steps you can take to counteract it.

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Flow Provides Focus for Project Production Management

by Hal Macomber | May 14, 2021

Hal Macomber & George Hunt examine Product Production Management and will explain the key principles behind it and the power that pursuing flow via PPM has for project outcomes, profitability, and team health

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