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Five Simple Steps to Keep Your Mind Sharp

by Touchplan | May 12, 2021

Learn about five ways to keep your mind sharp.

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Construction Industry Optimistic Despite Supply Chain Disruptions

by Touchplan | May 11, 2021

Competition for skilled laborers will increase in 2022 and 2023 as the pace of economic recovery progresses.

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Mental Health and the Risk of Employee Burnout

by Touchplan | May 6, 2021

Michel Richer from Bridgit discusses the importance of mental health and burnout risk as additional safety concerns on site.

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Why ‘Safety Third’ Is Exactly What Construction Needs to Make Jobsite Safety First

by Andrew Piland | May 5, 2021

Andrew Piland addresses construction safety as the responsibility of the entire team, not just the project leaders.

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Private Eyes: Construction Safety Isn’t Just About a Week

by Jackie Falla | May 3, 2021

Jacqueline Falla discusses how companies can transform safety from a regulatory requirement to a standard by which one lives.

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Touchplan’s New Master Schedule Alignment Feature – A Product Manager’s Perspective

by Touchplan | May 3, 2021

Hear from Sr. Product Manager Mary D’Arrigo about the development of the master schedule alignment and the value it will deliver to clients.

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Revisiting the Five Big Ideas Transforming the Design and Construction Industry: What Comes After the Five Big Ideas? (Part 10)

by Hal Macomber | April 30, 2021

EVP Hal Macomber is joined by George Hunt as they look at Systems Thinking to address the challenges and change underway in the AEC industry.

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Helpful Tips to Manage Stress and Improve Quality of Life

by Touchplan | April 28, 2021

See the some of the best best tips and tricks on how to manage and reduce stress.

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Revisiting the Five Big Ideas Transforming the Design and Construction Industry: Adopting the Five Big Ideas on Your CM/GC Projects (Part 9)

by Hal Macomber | April 23, 2021

EVP Hal Macomber speaks with Layne Hess, Corporate Director of Planning, Scheduling & Lean at Jacobsen Construction, and how Layne led the company’s adoption of the Last Planner System of Production Control and the value it is bringing to the company’s project outcomes.

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So You Want to be a Superintendent…Thoughts from a Touchplanner Who Worked in the Construction Industry

by Andrew Piland | April 21, 2021

Andrew Piland takes us back to days as a superintendent for a major contractor and talks about how structure, with some added flexibility, can make the most of a jam-packed day on a construction site.

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Revisiting 5 big ideas

Revisiting The Five Big Ideas Transforming the Design and Construction Industry: Pursue Project Outcomes at the Intersections of the Five Big Ideas (Part 8)

by Hal Macomber | April 16, 2021

EVP Hal Macomber & Research Associate at the University of Pretoria Calayde Davey discuss the desired result of “client-owner” solutions and how the outcomes sit at the intersection of two of the Five Big Ideas.

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Wellness Wednesday display of healthy foods

Five Healthy Habits to Incorporate Into Your New Springtime Routine

by Touchplan | April 14, 2021

Wellness Wednesday is a weekly feature that focuses on helpful habits to better balance work life and our health.

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