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Revisiting the Five Big Ideas Transforming the Design and Construction Industry –…

by Hal Macomber | February 19, 2021

By 2010, the Five Big Ideas became the basis for a new kind of contract based on the relationships of the parties designing and building the project. So much has been learned since then.

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Introducing Touchplan Insights: Data and analytics transparency that empower the entire team

by Touchplan | November 18, 2020

Touchplan Insights not only improves the operations of your project, but the integration also gives you astounding insights into financial management.

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Beyond command and control: Evolving from traditional project planning to a growth…

by Touchplan | August 21, 2020

By coordinating the often independent practices of master planning with look ahead planning, the act of daily work planning becomes the gateway to facilitate the engagement with trade contractors at all levels of planning.

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Touchplan tops G2 relationship and momentum rankings as a construction project management…

by Jen Nussinow Tasker | August 12, 2020

In the Summer 2020 Relationship Index, Touchplan earned an overall score of 91% from one of the leading B2B peer-to-peer review sites. The industry average is 76%.

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New feature alert: Update Touchplan on the GO

by Jen Nussinow Tasker | June 25, 2020

TouchplanGO allows you to view tasks sorted by date, update status and call people working on a task.

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Dan Feldman

Touchplan welcomes new Chief Technology Officer, Dan Feldman

by Jen Nussinow Tasker | June 17, 2020

Feldman’s multifaceted abilities to drive software design, implementation, and management, product development, and launch will help Touchplan support construction through the expansion of powerful technology.

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Looking ahead: Cultivating resilience to get back to building

by Hannah Armstrong | June 10, 2020

It’s time for the industry to level up in a variety of ways and do better together.

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How construction project teams can start up again after COVID-19

by Hannah Armstrong | June 3, 2020

Investing in stakeholder collaboration is the only way to fully recuperate and advance.

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Video conferencing integrations now available in Touchplan

by Hannah Armstrong | April 21, 2020

With video conferencing built directly into the Touchplan interface, teams will be able to stay connected and collaborate even while working remotely.

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Vital actions every construction project needs to take to tackle COVID-19 now

by Jen Nussinow Tasker | April 13, 2020

Here are some actionable steps every project can take right now to tackle specific project scenarios that COVID-19 is forcing us all to navigate.

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How project teams can adapt during COVID-19

by Hannah Armstrong | March 27, 2020

Download the latest ebook to learn how you can keep your construction teams healthy and your construction projects up and running amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

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What to look for in ConTech in 2020

by Katherine Van Adzin | January 23, 2020

Whether your goal is to improve project coordination, increase efficiency, gather more data or take on more work, this guide will help you focus your technology adoption strategy for 2020.

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